Double the Fright Night Fun: 10 Unique and Entertaining Couples Halloween Costumes

Double the Fright Night Fun: 10 Unique and Entertaining Couples Halloween Costumes

Do you want to impress your friends at a Halloween party by wearing an original and coordinated costume with your other half? Don’t panic, we have selected for you 10 brilliant costume ideas that will cause a sensation. From famous couples to fictional characters, discover our suggestions and tips for creating the perfect duo.

some costume ideas to wear as a couple for Halloween

1. Bonnie & Clyde

Play the famous criminal duo of the 1930s with elegance! For her, opt for a retro dress or a high-waisted skirt combined with a white blouse. Complete the outfit with a black beret, a scarf around your neck and a pair of black pumps. For him, wear pleated pants, a white shirt and a tweed jacket. Don’t forget the essential accessories such as the flat cap and the thin tie as well as a fake gun for each.

2. Morticia & Gomez Addams

Make your guests shiver as they play the macabre but glamorous couple from the film “The Addams Family”. For her, choose a long, tight black dress with flared sleeves and black pumps. Pale makeup and straight black hair will complete the look. For him, opt for a black suit, a white shirt and a striped tie. Don’t forget Gomez’s signature mustache and a fake cigar.

will you be the scariest couple this halloween thanks to our costume ideas?

3. Caesar & Cleopatra

Immerse yourself in Antiquity by playing the mythical couple formed by Julius Caesar and Cleopatra. For her, opt for a long dress in Egyptian colors (blue, gold) embellished with jewelry such as a bib necklace or a serpentine tiara. Complete it all with elaborate makeup: strong black eyeliner, golden eyeshadow and dark lipstick. For him, choose a white toga decorated with a golden belt as well as Roman sandals and a laurel wreath.

4. Batman & Catwoman

Play famous comic book characters with these iconic costumes! For her, choose a tight black jumpsuit combined with high boots and a cat mask to embody Catwoman at best. Don’t hesitate to add some accessories like a fake whip or fake claws to accentuate the feline side of the character. For him, choose a classic Batman costume with cape and full mask. Complete the look with gloves and a gadget belt.

5. Tarzan & Jane

Live a wild adventure as the mythical characters of the jungle! For her, opt for a short dress in leopard print fabric or green leaves combined with flat sandals and some ethnic jewelry. Natural makeup will enhance your face while curly hair will add volume to the whole look. For him, choose a matching loincloth as well as a long brown wig to reproduce Tarzan’s emblematic hair.

6. Shrek & Fiona

Make your childhood dreams come true by playing these famous animated characters! For her, choose a medieval green dress accompanied by a golden tiara as well as artificial pointy ears to recall the ogre side of the character. Don’t hesitate to paint your face light green to accentuate the Fiona effect. For him, wear loose brown pants paired with a white top and a short sleeveless vest in green/brown tones as well as a Shrek mask with his characteristic ears.

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7. Sandy & Danny (Grease)

Play the role of the legendary lovers from the film “Grease” with these simple but effective costumes! For her, choose tight black pants and a white shirt tied at the waist. Top it off with black pumps and a voluminous ’50s-style hairstyle. For him, opt for black jeans, a black leather jacket and matching dress shoes as well as a slicked back hairstyle to replicate Danny’s rockabilly look.

the pumpkin is not left out for couple costumes

8. Marie-Antoinette & Louis XVI

Revisit History by playing these emblematic characters of the French 18th century! For her, opt for a richly decorated basket dress in pastel tones (blue, pink) embellished with a tight corset and a high curly wig. Don’t forget jewelry such as pearl necklaces or sparkly tiaras to complete this sumptuous costume. For him, prefer an embroidered coat in royal colors (blue, gold) combined with white stockings and shoes with gold buckles as well as a powdered wig.

9. Jack & Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Make a splash this Halloween with these costumes inspired by the famous animated film! For her, choose a multicolored patchwork dress reminiscent of the character of Sally accompanied by pale “seam” effect makeup around the eyes and on the mouth. Blue/red striped tights and black heels will complete the look. For him, opt for a black skeleton costume with a tailcoat jacket and a striped bow tie as well as pale makeup to replicate Jack’s appearance.

10. Mr & Mrs Smith

Play as the couple of sexy and formidable spies from the eponymous film! For her, choose a bodycon black dress paired with black pumps and oversized sunglasses for an elegant yet mysterious look. Don’t hesitate to add some accessories such as fake guns or grenades to accentuate the spy effect. For him, choose a classic black suit accompanied by a white shirt, a thin black tie and aviator sunglasses as well as various fake spy gadgets.

Of course, don’t hesitate to personalize each outfit according to your tastes and desires in order to create the perfect duo that will make an impression.

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