Mastering the Art of Pinrolling: A Comprehensive Guide and Pro Tips

Mastering the Art of Pinrolling: A Comprehensive Guide and Pro Tips

Pinrolling is a pant bottom folding technique that involves creating a fitted hem around the ankle. It is particularly popular in men’s fashion, as it allows you to adjust the length of the legs and add a stylish touch to your outfit. This type of hem is often used with jeans or chinos but can also be adapted to other types of pants.

Why do a pinroll?

The pinroll has several advantages:

  • Custom fit: It allows you to adapt the length of the pants according to your size or according to your preferences.
  • Showcasing shoes: By freeing the ankle, it highlights your shoes and adds a trendy touch to your outfit.
  • Versatility: You can easily adapt this technique to different clothing styles (casual, chic…) as well as to various types of pants (jeans, chinos…).
  • Easy storage: By rolling the bottom of your pants, you save space in your closets or when traveling.

How to make a pinroll?

To make a perfect pinroll, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the right pants: Opt for jeans or chinos that are slightly longer than your usual size. The fabric should be soft and thin enough to be rolled easily.
  2. Put on your shoes: Wear the shoes you want to pair your pants with in order to properly adjust the pinroll length.
  3. Make a clamp: Stand and grab the excess fabric inside the bottom of your pants at the side seam. Pinch it firmly between your thumb and index finger.
  4. Fold the fabric: While holding the dart, fold the excess outward, making sure the hem fits snugly around your ankle.
  5. Roll up the bottom of the pants: Now that you’ve created a solid base, carefully roll the bottom of the pants outward until it reaches the desired height. For optimal results, perform two or three turns maximum.
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Tip for a successful pinroll:

Be careful not to tighten the hem too much when folding, as this may cause a “bubbled” effect around the ankle. Leave enough space for the fabric to breathe and to ensure your comfort.

With what type of shoes and pants should I use the pinroll?

The pinroll is ideal with jeans or chinos but can also be adapted to other types of pants, such as cargo or canvas pants. Here are some tips for pairing your shoes and pants well:

  • Low shoes: The pinroll goes perfectly with low sneakers, moccasins or derbies. It highlights these types of shoes by freeing the ankle.
  • Boots and ankle boots: For a more daring look, you can pair your pinroll with boots or ankle boots. Just make sure the hem isn’t too tight to avoid a disproportionate impact between your legs and feet.
  • Fitted pants: Slim or skinny jeans are the best candidates for a successful pinroll. They allow the hem to hold up better throughout the day.

the method for a perfect jean pinroll hem

Tips for highlighting your pinroll

To enhance your look with the pinroll, follow these few tips:

  • Vary the heights: Feel free to experiment with different pinroll heights to find the one that best suits your style and shoes.
  • Play with colors: Pair pants in contrasting hues with your shoes to highlight the hemline and draw attention to your feet.
  • Maintain cleanliness: Make sure your pants are clean and well-ironed before pinrolling. Wrinkled or dirty fabric will look unkempt.

By following these tips, you will quickly master the art of denim pinrolling and add a trendy touch to all your outfits. So don’t hesitate, take out your favorite jeans and try this simple but effective technique!

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